Geriatric Psychiatry

  • Sumo

Geriatric Psychiatry, a psychiatric subspecialty, focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of complex mental disorders uniquely occurring in late life. Geriatric Psychiatrists focus on providing care for intensive-needs patients and their caregivers at the end of the life cycle, a time when many complex physical and mental health issues coalesce.

Dr. Colletti has experience with this population which he obtained through work as a medical director of  senior care program at Baptist Huntingdon.  He worked alongside a multidisciplinary team which included social workers, registered nurses, activity therapists, psychiatric technicians, and dietetic consultation, and primary care physicians. 

Currently he sees patients in a private practice setting and is capable of diagnosing and treating these complex mental health impairments.  He offers medication management and psychotherapy services focusing on individuals 65 years of age and older with substance abuse, dementia, delirium,  severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.