Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Children and adolescents have very nuanced needs when it comes to psychiatric interventions, and so we take extra measures when it comes to treating children and adolescents. At WellSprings Psychiatry and Counseling Center, our child and adolescent, fellowship trained, doctor understands the unique aspects of treating a young person of this specific demographic. With advanced training in psychopharmacology and a variety of therapy modalities, Dr. Colletti utilizes the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model for diagnostic formulation and evidence-based treatments including testing and evaluations, therapy, and medication management.

No matter how “good” or “responsible” you think your child and his or her friends are, the fact is that teenagers experiment with drugs at a much higher rate than you might realize. For example, just over 50% of high school seniors have used an illicit drug or an inhalant at least once in their lifetime.

But here’s the thing – the rates are also alarmingly high for the younger grades, as well – 37% of 10th graders, and over 23% of 8th graders have experimented with an illegal drug or inhalant.

Among 12th-graders during 2017, the drugs that were most reported for lifetime use were:

Alcohol 61.5%
Marijuana 45%
ANY illicit drug other than marijuana
ANY prescription drug
Web Designer 6.7%
Web Designer 5%

National Institute on Drug Abuse funds a project that studies changes in the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs of American young people in regards to substance use. This invaluable resource is known as the Monitoring the Future project.