Frequently Asked Questions


How may I contact WellSprings Psychiatry and Counseling Center?

To find out more about our services, you may call us at 615-636-1188 to receive a brief telephone assessment in additional to finding out more about the services available.  Please note that we are unable to offer assessments or counseling advice via e-mail.

Why choose WellSprings Psychiatry?

What makes WellSprings Psychiatry stand out from other mental health providers? Our staff and counselors share a non-denominational Christian perspective on health care. We integrate biblically-based, Christian beliefs with valid psychological principles to treat the whole person-emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our total commitment to Christian counseling as well as sound clinical training distinguishes our approach to counseling care.

Do I have to be a Christian if I want to see someone at WellSprings Psychiatry?

No. Our services are available to everyone regardless of their religious beliefs or faith. We do not impose on your current belief system nor actively try to convert you to Christianity. We naturally incorporate spiritual components into therapy as we feel that healing is not complete unless we address the entire person – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If you ever feel uneasy with any aspect of your care, please make you counselor aware of your concerns.



When God Wants To Drill A Man

When God wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man,
And skill a man
When God wants to mold a man
To play the noblest part;

When He yearns with all His heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall be amazed,
Watch His methods, watch His ways!

How He ruthlessly perfects
Whom He royally elects!
How He hammers him and hurts him,
And with mighty blows converts him

Into trial shapes of clay which
Only God understands;
While his tortured heart is crying
And he lifts beseeching hands!

How He bends but never breaks
When his good He undertakes;
How He uses whom He chooses,
And which every purpose fuses him;
By every act induces him
To try His splendor out-
God knows what He’s about.

– Anonymous